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After a long day of hunting you and your group will be able to relax back at the lodge with a fully stocked bar and plenty of comfy seating. When the weather is nice you can sit outback under the handcrafted gazebo and enjoy your favorite drink while you reminisce over the days hunt. After enjoying a homemade meal you and your friends can unwind in our game room with pool, darts or a friendly game of poker. Our lodge has been designed and built for the first class experience our clients are looking for and deserve.

The lodge was originally built in 1886 and was a city restaurant and in 1920 it was built onto and made into a hotel. In 1995 we purchased the old hotel and remodeled it into what you see today. We have 9 bedrooms and can sleep 15 guests, there are 2 bathrooms on the second floor and 1 on the main floor.

Check out our Pro Shop where we have a selection of shirts and hats available to take home to remember your trip. We also have on hand those little things that you may have forgot to bring with you like ear plugs, gloves, eye protection, etc..  When you run out shells we also sell those so we'll make sure you stay loaded up on your hunt.

We also have a bird cleaning house at the lodge where we have staff that will clean your birds for you or if you prefer you can clean them yourselves. Whether you choose to clean the birds or have us do it, the meat will be packaged and frozen and ready for the trip home. Don't forget to bring your cooler but if you do we have those available in the Pro Shop too.

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